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The database gaming deserves

Dbljump is a video game knowledge database, API, web reference and community. It's a bit like Wikipedia or IMDb, but designed for games. We're not the first, but we plan on being the best. See how below.

  • Dbljump knows all about games…

    Credits, framerates, genres, images, platforms, release dates, resolutions, titles and more. That’s just at launch.

  • …And the wider world

    With people and company records, plus geographic and time systems, Dbljump is a detailed model of the industry.

  • It’s more than a website

    The Dbljump API will power more apps in future. We also plan to add features like news and game character data.

  • It’s for new games and old

    Dbljump aims to be the best Internet info hub for new and upcoming games. You can look up childhood favourites too.

  • It holds structured and unstructured data

    Wikipedia is deep. IMDb connects objects. With categorised notes built into its relational database, Dbljump is both.

  • It respects owners’ rights

    Dblump stores usage rights information (e.g. Creative Commons licenses) and we won’t include data we aren’t permitted to.

Feature comparison

There are other places to find out about games, so what makes Dbljump better?

Feature Wikpedia IMDb MobyGames Dbljump
Relational database
Designed for games
Notes and trivia
Game character data1
News aggregation1

1 Planned feature not available at launch

Join a rewarding community

Dbljump can only succeed if we build a great community. That's why we plan to recognise the value of editors, by sharing 10% of monthly ad profits among top contributors.

The Dbljump team

We're a small international team working hard to create something amazing. We're in this for the love, the games and the glory!

Neil Wheatley Founder/developer

Writer and super-proud dad. More likely to be found playing Neko Atsume than to have any time for real games these days 😢

Joan Piedra Co-founder/developer

When he's not busy building the front-end side of Dbljump, Joan enjoys exploring the landscapes of Breath of the Wild on his Switch.

Are you a designer, developer or data scientist?

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